Wonderful West Auckland Weddings – Peta Hardley Marriage Celebrant

I’ve been a bit remiss with my blog. So much to do around the place.
Here are a few pics of some wonderful weddings performed in West Auckland


Debbie and Brent @ Settlers Country Manor
Debbie and Brent @ Settlers Country Manor

Like all true westies, Debbie and Brent and their guests looked like they were going to have a blast at the fabulous Settlers Country Manor.


Kaaren, Andy and wee Caleb at the Riverhead

Kaaren, Andy and wee Caleb at the Riverhead

Kaaren and Andy and their adorable wee son Caleb, absolutely shone on their wedding day at the Riverhead.


Pinwheel buttonhole

Pinwheel buttonhole

Choosing a teal, white and silver theme, Kaaren introduced the very clever idea of pinwheels instead of bouquets and buttonholes. – Cost effective and stunning – (and yes, she made them herself)


Trev and Tanya

Trev and Tanya

Tanya and Trev had the most perfect weather for their wedding day in Kumeu, which complemented the flower theme perfectly.

Tanya and Trev's sand ceremony

Tanya and Trev’s sand ceremony

Along with the fab flowers, Tanya and Trev also included a sand ceremony and a fingerprint tree for guests to complete.


3 fabulous west Auckland weddings for 3 fabulous couples. Congratulations you guys!

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Weddings from the heart – Peta Hardley West Auckland Marriage Celebrant

My warmest congratulations to these 3 awesome couples who recently married.

Claire,  Lee and wee Jade

Claire, Lee and wee Jade

A bit of rain didn’t dampen the spirits of Claire and Lee and their beautiful daughter Jade, as they enjoyed their outdoor wedding with friends and family.


Peta Hardley West Auckland Wedding Celebrant The Brigham, Joe  Amiga and Kirsty

Joe & Kirsty at The Brigham

Joe (Amiga) and Kirsty looked radiant as they shared their Vows beside their 2 georgous boys Quinton and Hendrix, and all their family and friends at the Brigham in Whenuapai.


Sandy & David The Riverhead Peta Hardley West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Sandy & David at The Riverhead

Sandy and David celebrated their big day at The Riverhead. Thanks to David’s daughter Miriam for this fab ceremony photo.

Three wonderful couples! Have I said before what a great job I have?

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Waitakere Wedding Expo 2014 Peta Hardley Kumeu Wedding Celebrant

I had such a great time meeting many lovely people at the Waitakere Wedding Expo today.

I’ve got to say that I was pretty happy with my little booth.

A special thanks to my amazing daughter Amber, from Perspectives Photo and Cinema, for her help with the photo display and slideshow of ceremonies we’ve shared.

Congratulations to the team at Lincoln Green for hosting a great event!

Waitakere wedding Expo

Waitakere wedding expo 2014

If you passed by and I was busy talking with someone else, I’m sorry.
I wasn’t ignoring you – Honest!.
Feel free to email me and ask all those important wedding questions.
I’d be delighted to hear from you. – xx Peta


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All Weddings Great and Small – Peta Hardley Celebrant, Kumeu Auckland

I thought I’d share some wedding images of some wonderful couples I’ve had the privilege of marrying so far this summer.



Kat & Sarah

Kat & Sarah’s stunning wedding at Te Arai

Kat and Sarah were the most gracious and lovely brides ever and they both looked stunning on their big day.

Kat and Sarah's wedding at Te Arai Point Lodge

Te Arai Point Lodge

Kat and Sarah had their wedding at Te Arai Point Lodge which they’d hired out for the weekend. The pontoon on the lake was where we held the ceremony. A fabulous day for a fabulous couple.


Lora and Bruce's wedding at The Gap Piha
What a backdrop for a wedding
Lora and Bruce
Lora and Bruce’s wedding at The Gap at Piha

Lora and Bruce chose the most idyllic spot fot their wedding. It was a mission to get there but ‘Wow’ what a backdrop!


Sandra & Mark Riverhead

Sandra & Mark at their Riverhead home

Sandra and Mark are no strangers to creating fabulous family events at their Riverhead home. Their wedding was no exception, where they involved all their grandchildren – 2 of them even signing the marriage papers.


Sue & Ian

Sue and Ian flew in from Australia for their wedding, in the home of Sue’s Mum and Gran
It was a small but friendly gathering on a fab Auckland summer’s day.
Check out the amazingly funky and personalised cake made  by a friend. Apparently every part of it was edible

Sue and Ian's Funky wedding cake

Sue and Ian’s Funky wedding cake


Brad & Jen at Gracehill

Brad & Jen at Gracehill

Brad and Jen were the picture of happiness on their wedding day at Gracehill.
Despite being called ‘A typical No 8 fencing wire Good Kiwi Bloke’, it didn’t stop Brad getting a bit emotional when he saw he’s beautiful bride. Aww!


Haydn & Tash at Fernz Lodge

Haydn & Tash at Fernz Lodge

The sun was certainly shining on a very happy Tash and Haydn, as they shared their traditional Vows at Fernz Lodge in Birkenhead


Anna & Tigger

Anna & Tigger

It was a ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’ theme for Anna and Tigger’s action packed fun wedding at Motu Moana.

Swords held aloft for Anna and Tigger

Swords held aloft for Anna and Tigger

Anna and Tigger are LARPers (Live Action Role Players) so it was only natural they had a multitude of sword raising friends to share their fabulous day.


Sarah & Sam

Sarah & Sam & Friend

Sarah and Sam are a beautiful big hearted couple and they couldn’t share their big day at Fisher House without including their favourite dog. Makes sense really!


Kial & Dennis

Kial & Dennis and their 3 lovely daughters

Kial, Dennis & their 3 lovely daughters

Kial and Dennis’s Renewal of Vows

Okay so I wasn’t actually the celebrant for Kial and Dennis’s Renewal of Vows, as Kial’s Dad led the ceremony, but I was delighted to have the event here at my home – Casabella.
Kial had planned the event secretly as a surprise for Dennis, who thought he was coming to collect some chairs. What a fabulous surprise and a touching gesture for this special milestone that coincided with their wedding anniversary.

Congratulations to all the above beautiful couples and their whanau!

As my Mum would have said, ‘May the bluebird of happiness nest in your rafters’ (That’s a good thing)



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Plenty of Summer Lovin’ – Peta Hardley Kumeu Celebrant

Wow, time really does fly when you’re having fun.
I didn’t realise how behind I’d got with my blog until I saw the backlog of photos of the fabulous couples I’ve recently married.
So here goes…. proof that every wedding is different AND that ‘love is all around’

West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Pete and Nikki arriving in style at Settlers Country Manor

Pete and Nikki arrived in style in a stretched limo, to their intimate ceremony at Settlers. Images courtesy of Perpspectives Photo and Cinema

Kumeu Settlers West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Nikki and Pete's intimate ceremony

Nikki and Pete chose to have the most important people present – their children.
Very intimate, very personal, very beautiful.

Kumeu  Settlers West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Pete and Nikki - kissing in the rain

I couldn’t resist sharing this amazing photo of Nikki and Pete (again courtesy of Amber and Isaac of Perspectives Photo and Cinema). There’s no such thing as bad weather on your wedding day


West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Daniel & Nichole at Settlers Country Manor

Daniel and Nichole were also married at Settlers. Loving all things medieval and historical, Settlers was the perfect venue for them and their 3 beautiful daughters. Check out their fabulous ‘Knight and Maiden’ cake below.

West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Daniel and Nichole's amazing 'Knight and Maiden' cake


West Auckland Wedding Celebrant Peta Hardley

Farhan and Sylvia at Settlers Country Manor

Farhan and Sylvia tied the knot at Settlers. A perfect setting for their stylish wedding


West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Violet & Zhi at Soljans Winery Estate

Violet and Zhi had a blissful sunny day to share with family and friends. Afterwards, their reception was held in the beautifully decorated wine cellar – Very special indeed!


West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Lisa & Matt at the Northern Club, Auckland CBD

Lisa and Matt chose the very glamourous ‘Northern Club’ for their big day.
A great setting for a really lovely couple.


West Auckland Kumeu Wedding Celebrant

Kousica & Dominic

Kousica and Dominic (my favourite bank manager) shared a special afternoon at the India Gate restaurant with their family and friends.


West Auckland Wedding Celebrant Kumeu

Dion & Ann Kathrin

Dion and Ann-Kathrin had a two part international wedding. The first (legal) ceremony was in the gardens of the Auckland Domain. The second was planned for a week later in Ann- Kathrin’s native Germany. Double the fun.


West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Kelly & Jarred

Another glorious sunny day, another luscious wedding. Kelly and Jarred held their beautiful wedding at the Luscious Food Store – Very tasty!


West Auckland Wedding Celebrant Muriwai

Julie & Vijay Kiran

Julie and Kiran (known to many as Vijay) loved the ocean so much, there was no choice but to hold their ceremony at the beach at Maori Bay, Muriwai. It’s also the some place Kiran proposed to Julie – Very romantic!


West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Phill and Ashley at Casabella, Kumeu

Phill and Ashley travelled from sunny California to marry with Kiwi friends, here at my home ‘Casabella’. More of their fab photos, courtesy of Katrina at Accent photography, can be seen here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152097568200041


West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Tracy & Kam at Cheltenham beach

Tracy and Kam had the best day for their very Kiwi wedding, on a reserve with the beach and Rangitoto in the background. Absolute bliss!


West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Siera & Neil at Old St Michaels in Corban Estate

Siera and Neil were all smiles as they shared their love with their friends and family at the beautiful Old St Michael’s church, relocated to Corban’s art centre in Henderson.


West Auckland Wedding Celebrant Kumeu

Jan & Sean at Sorrento in the Park

Jan and Sean looked picture perfect at their glamorous wedding at Sorrento. I can’t wait to see their video.


Kumeu West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Charlotte, Paul & wee Jake

Charlotte and Paul’s guests thought they were coming to Jake’s baby naming – which they were. But Charlotte and Paul then surprised their guests by getting married as well!
Truly a great day with a double celebration.


My warmest love and wishes to all these beautiful couples and their whanau during this festive season.

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Fabulous Autumn Weddings in Kumeu – Peta Hardley Auckland Wedding Celebrant

I’m a bit behind with my blog and have been meaning to share a few pics of some wonderful couples most of whom chose to marry during Autumn in lovely Kumeu.
And who wouldn’t want to marry in a place filled with lovely open spaces, vineyards and just a stone’s throw from fabulous Muriwai beach? You don’t need a summer wedding for it to be fabulous!

Debbie & Rob at Soljans

Debbie & Rob at Soljans

Debbie and Rob made a dashing couple. They chose to have their family photos in the wine cellar at Soljans. I suspect there were a few people who would have been happy to stay in there all night.


Scott's Vows to Shanni

Scott’s Vows to Shanni

The rain held off for Scott and Shanni’s big day at Settlers Country Manor. She may look sad but these were tears of happiness when Scott read his surprise Vows to her. They also very kindly shared their wedding video with me, which is featured at the bottom of my ‘weddings’ page. https://www.ceremonyplanningservices.co.nz/cms/weddings


Mia and Garry at Markovina

Mia and Garry at Markovina

Still in Kumeu but this time at Markovina, Mia and Garry shared alot of laughter and smiles during their ceremony. Even a bit of rain couldn’t dampen their spirits. Because of the number of overseas guests, they also had a Chinese interpreter to ensure everyone understood proceedings, (although their smiles needed no translation)


Norm and Rachel at Markovina

Norm and Rachel at Markovina

Rachel and Norm travelled from Rotorua to share their big day at Markovina with family and friends. The sun shone on this delightful caring couple as they shared their traditional but heartfelt marriage Vows.


Jane & Wayne at Casabella

Jane & Wayne at Casabella

Still in Kumeu but this time at my place – ‘Casabella’, Jane and Wayne tied the knot. Because Jane had been overseas, Wayne was the one who organised the entire wedding.
A very good job he did too!


Hana-Jane & Leigh

Hana-Jane & Leigh

Bucking the trend of having a Kumeu wedding, Hana-Jane and Leigh with their two beautiful children, chose an inner city venue for their nuptials. It was a very festive fun day shared with friends and whanau.

My warmest wishes go to all these lovely couples, who have chosen unique personalised ceremonies when they tied the knot with the person of their dreams.

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Weddings in Auckland’s ‘Endless Summer’ – Peta Hardley Kumeu celebrant

What an amazing summer we’ve had in Auckland, although my garden has taken a bit of a beating.

These couples enjoyed the most of the Auckland’s endless summer on their big day.

Donna and Colin enjoyed their special day at lovely Gracehill, attended by family and friends. Their gorgeous grandchildren took an active part in the ceremony too.

Colin & Donna @ Gracehill


Kristy and Tim were the picture of happiness on their wedding day amongst the tropical wonderland of Landsendt (In fact I didn’t think there was a single moment where Tim wasn’t absolutely beaming with happiness)

Kristy & Tim @ Landsendt


Marissa and Daniel honoured their parents with a beautiful tea ceremony during their wedding ceremony @ Twin lakes in Coatesville. Their big day was made perfect with a great team of helpers – complete with walkie talkies!

Marissa & Daniel

For those of you who have never been to Twin lakes in Coatesville, you are missing a real treat (unless you have a bird phobia). It is the most amazing setting and so beautifully maintained.  No wonder it’s classed as a ‘Garden of Significance’

Twin Lakes – Breath taking!


Vivian and Kevin at least got Vivian’s walk with her father down the lovelyoutside steps at Gracehill before the skys decided to open up. There were plenty of umbrellas to help us move indoors where the ceremony continued, slightly damp but still with plenty of smiles.
I reminded  them that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good fortune – It’s true!

Vivian & Kevin @ Gracehill


Before I go, I wanted to share with you some photos of Josh and P last winter, taken at the lake here at my home ‘Casabella’ . The photos are by the award winning photographers Amber and Isaac deReus of Perspectives Photography.

Josh & P lakeside @ Casabella

Casabella lake

Lakeside @ Casabella

See what great shots you can get if you’re brave enough to venture off the paths and walk through a paddock!. Thanks to Amber and Isaac (and Josh and P) for sharing these stunning photos.


Finally, I’ve got to mention my delight at the passing of the Marriage Amendment Bill this month which allows same sex couples to marry in NZ. It made me feel even more proud about being a Kiwi!

After all,  Love is love– and is not deminished by race, religion, age or sexuality.
Equality comes from treating everybody the same, regardless of who they are.

I liked what a chap named Orlando Winters  said. ‘If a couple of gay guys (or girls) want
to throw the gayest, most fabulous wedding of all time, the only way it should offend you
is if you weren’t invited.”

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5 Weddings, a Baby Naming (and no Funerals)

It’s been a busy March so far with lots of weddings and a baby naming for a beautiful boy named Ashton.

Lets start with him. I married Ashton’s Mum and Dad – Miho and Bevan, 2 and 1/2 years ago at the lovely Settlers Country Manor.  Ashton’s naming day was all about honouring him and welcoming him in to his community of family and friends.

Bevan, Ashton & Miho on Ashton's Naming Day

Bevan, Ashton & Miho

It was a relaxed lunchtime affair hosted by Bevan’s parents Jenny and Bryn in lovely Titirangi.
We spoke about Ashton’s name, a bit about him, his family and their love for him. A gifted pounamu was blessed, readings were read, Godparents were named, food was eaten and laughter was had. One of the Godparents had even written a special poem and Ashton’s Japanese Grandparents participated via Skype. It was great fun but a bit tiring when you’re only little.

Ashton's Naming day

A Sleepy Ashton

Jenny had organised a fabulous cake, and spoke about the meaning behind all the beautiful bright colours. A fabulous day for a fabulous family!

Ashton's Cake

Ashton's Naming Day Cake

Much of my celebrant work is of course Weddings and Civil Unions.

My congratulations to the following couples:

Alana and Craig

Alana & Craig

Alana and Craig (above) were married at Kumeu Valley Estate. The attention to detail of this lovely country vintage theme was flawless! (This was especially impressive as they arranged it all from their home in Palmerston North)


Rebecca & Mark

Rebecca & Mark

Rebecca and Mark were married at Hinge Bay in Huia, on the edge of the Manukau Harbour. I’ve known Mark since he was little and have officiated at the marriages of his sister and cousin, so it was a real honour to be there when Mark and Rebecca said their I do’s.


Tracey & Matt

Tracey & Matt

Tracey and Matt (above) had a perfect summer’s day for their wedding at Markovina Winery in Kumeu. Even the injury Matt sustained to his wrist at his stag do, was forgotten the minute he saw beautiful Tracey arrive.


Romaine & Elliot  @ Soljans

Romaine & Elliot @ Soljans Estate

Romaine and Elliot (above) chose Soljans estate to celebrate their big day. A highlight of the ceremony was the Dr Seuss reading, read by two young neices. During the ceremony there was also the giving of a necklace to their daughter Ryleigh, to signify the special place she has in their lives and as a keepsake of the big day.


Sara & Will

Sara & Will

Finally was Sara and Will’s big day at a family home in Helensville. Despite a few nerves and happy tears on the day, the ceremony was perfect. They shared these special words to each other ‘I take you to be my best friend, my faithful partner, and my one true love
I promise to encourage you and inspire you, and to love you truly through good times and bad. I will forever be there to laugh with you, to lift you up when you are down, and to love you unconditionally through all of our adventures in life together’ –
That’s what it’s all about!

Flowergirl Sophia

Flowergirl Sophia

I had to just include an “Awww… that’s so cute’ photo of Sara and Will’s little flowergirl – Sophia. Peeping over all the tulle she seemed to love alternating the false moustache with the luscious lips.

I still reckon I have the best job in the world!

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Summer – The season for Weddings. – Peta Hardley Kumeu Wedding Celebrant

Here we are in the middle of another busy wedding season! I love my work as a celebrant. It is just the best job!

I have lots of photos of great couples to share and even a few of my place here at Casabella

Lynn and Michael married at Landsendt – That tropical oasis in Oratia. They had such a fun ceremony which concluded when they danced down the aisle!

Lynn & Michael at Landsendt

Lynn & Michael at Landsendt


Hannah and Shah (below) had the most incredibly beautiful summer’s day for their intimate wedding ceremony at a Howick reserve close to their home. Hardly a cloud in the sky.

Peta with Shah & Hannah


Bridget and Johnny really surprised their friends when they announced the BBQ they were enjoying at their home, had suddenly become a wedding! The guests were understandably shocked but also extremely happy and supportive. The backdrop was an incredible sunset.

Bridget, Johnny & Grace with their fab sunset


Mahnaz and Paul have an incredible story of a developing love a world apart.
They were finally able to share their Vows with a few special friends, at my home ‘Casabella’.
A dove release was a special feature

Paul & Mahnaz's Dove release

Mahnaz, Paul & Peta @ Casabella


Claire and Tuahu married at Tu’s grandmother’s home, on the shore of lake Pupuke.
Being another gorgeous sunny day, they even had fans for all the guests – a very welcome idea. The ceremony ended with a haka which sent shivers down my spine.

Claire & Tuahu


Jane and Paul’s special day was even more special, as they married on Jane’s birthday, here at my home, ‘Casabella’. Double reason for a great celebration!

Paul & Jane @ Casabella


Nikki and Kieron were positively glowing as they enjoyed a fabulous day with family and friends at lovely Markovina in Kumeu.

Nikki & Kieron @ Markovina


Hannah and Paul arrived from England just a week before their big day, held in Kumeu. The Auckland weather played it’s part too, to make the prefect romantic summer wedding.

Hannah & Paul's romantic wedding

Hannah’s Mum Lynda made her the most exquisite bouquet, complete with sparklingmomentos from Hannah’s past and also family members. Priceless!

Hannah's special flower bouquet


Midori and Gavin blended the best of their Japanese and Scottish heritage (along with a wee bit of Kiwiana) at their fabulous wedding at Gracehill. Kilts, kimonos, whiskey, sake, bagpipes and origami.. it had it all. A delicious mix of two cultures

Gavin and Midori's special day at Gracehill

I had to take a picture of their amazing cake. It includes symbols of Japan, Scotland and  New Zealand, along with a cruise ship on top, which is where they met. Aewsome!

Midori & Gavin's amazing cake

Congratultions to all these wonderful couples!

And finally just a few snaps of ‘Casabella’, – my home and a great place for an intimate ceremony.

Casabella intimate garden ceremony area

'Casabella' Garden ceremony area

A new garden art peice by glass artist extrodinare Darryl Fagence, now graces my garden. I love Ginkgos!

'Ginkgo' garden art by Darryl Fagence at 'Casabella' Kumeu

Enjoy the great summer we’re having!

xxxx Peta



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The start of a busy ceremony season – Peta Hardley Wedding and Civil Union Celebrant Kumeu Auckland

Well I haven’t blogged for a while as I have had my head down and tail up meeting with couples and writing their special ceremonies. They have all been different unique and each one was special. 

Here are some pics of a few of my recent ceremonies

Chris and Tracey had a fabulous intimate ceremony with family and friends at the always wonderful Mantells

Peta Hardley Celebrant West Auckland

Chris and Tracey at Mantells

Sunny and Jill had flown in from Hong Kong to share their special day at Sorrento in the Park. They even completed their ceremony with a colourful balloon release.

Sunny and Jill at Sorrento

Yari and Mat were actually here in New Zealand to attend their friends Karla and Jen’s Civil Union. They decided to have a commitment ceremony of their own, here at my home ‘Casabella’

West Auckland Wedding Celebrant

Yari and Mat at Casabella

Jen and Karla (who were Yari and Mat’s witnesses) shared a magical day of their own the next day, when they became Civil Union Partners at the Auckland Zoo. These wonderful ‘action’ photos are from Perspectives Photography – the best photographers in the business!

West Auckland Civil Union Celebrant

Karla and Jen with friends

West Auckland Civil Union Celebrant

Karla and Jen with lion

Jessie and Mark looked resplendent on their magical day, held at the tropical wonderland of Landsendt. Despite dodging the raindrops, I have never seen so many smiles.

West Auckland wedding celebrant

Jessie and Mark at Landsendt

Paul and Matt had a hot sunny day to celebrate their Civil Union at a friend’s home.
To honour Paul’s Irish ancestry they shared their first drink from a Quaich – the ceremonial celtic toasting cup, which was filled with nothing else but the best whiskey.

Peta Hardley Civil Union Celebrant

Paul and Matt's Civil Union

Peta Hardley Civil Union Celebrant

Leigh was about to celebrate her wedding anniversary and decided to surprise her husband Mark with a Renewal of Vows ceremony. It was a hastily arranged (but still special) evening at the Riverhead with a few close family and friends

Peta Hardley Civil Union Celebrant

Mark and Leigh renewal of Vows

Emma and Michael along with their beautiful daughter Nikita, celebrated their wedding here at Casabella. They shared a sand ceremony depicting sand from the east and west coast of New Zealand as well as the rich red sand from Michael’s homeland, Zimbabwe.

Peta Hardley Wedding Celebrant

Emma, Michael and wee Nikita at Casabella

Peta Hardley Wedding Celebrant

Michael and Emma's sand ceremony

Finally there is Kumi and Ryan who held their lovely wedding at their home. As well as a few friends, they included family from overseas via Skype, which was pretty cool. They had no bridal party apart from their dog Calvin – complete with bow tie.

Peta Hardley Wedding Celebrant

Kumi & Ryan

Peta Hardley Wedding Celebrant

Ryan and Kumi's Best dog - Calvin

Congratulations to all these wonderful couples, their families and their furry friends.

xxxxx Peta

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