All Weddings Great and Small – Peta Hardley Celebrant, Kumeu Auckland

I thought I’d share some wedding images of some wonderful couples I’ve had the privilege of marrying so far this summer.



Kat & Sarah

Kat & Sarah’s stunning wedding at Te Arai

Kat and Sarah were the most gracious and lovely brides ever and they both looked stunning on their big day.

Kat and Sarah's wedding at Te Arai Point Lodge

Te Arai Point Lodge

Kat and Sarah had their wedding at Te Arai Point Lodge which they’d hired out for the weekend. The pontoon on the lake was where we held the ceremony. A fabulous day for a fabulous couple.


Lora and Bruce's wedding at The Gap Piha
What a backdrop for a wedding
Lora and Bruce
Lora and Bruce’s wedding at The Gap at Piha

Lora and Bruce chose the most idyllic spot fot their wedding. It was a mission to get there but ‘Wow’ what a backdrop!


Sandra & Mark Riverhead

Sandra & Mark at their Riverhead home

Sandra and Mark are no strangers to creating fabulous family events at their Riverhead home. Their wedding was no exception, where they involved all their grandchildren – 2 of them even signing the marriage papers.


Sue & Ian

Sue and Ian flew in from Australia for their wedding, in the home of Sue’s Mum and Gran
It was a small but friendly gathering on a fab Auckland summer’s day.
Check out the amazingly funky and personalised cake made  by a friend. Apparently every part of it was edible

Sue and Ian's Funky wedding cake

Sue and Ian’s Funky wedding cake


Brad & Jen at Gracehill

Brad & Jen at Gracehill

Brad and Jen were the picture of happiness on their wedding day at Gracehill.
Despite being called ‘A┬átypical No 8 fencing wire Good Kiwi Bloke’, it didn’t stop Brad getting a bit emotional when he saw he’s beautiful bride. Aww!


Haydn & Tash at Fernz Lodge

Haydn & Tash at Fernz Lodge

The sun was certainly shining on a very happy Tash and Haydn, as they shared their traditional Vows at Fernz Lodge in Birkenhead


Anna & Tigger

Anna & Tigger

It was a ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’ theme for Anna and Tigger’s action packed fun wedding at Motu Moana.

Swords held aloft for Anna and Tigger

Swords held aloft for Anna and Tigger

Anna and Tigger are LARPers (Live Action Role Players) so it was only natural they had a multitude of sword raising friends to share their fabulous day.


Sarah & Sam

Sarah & Sam & Friend

Sarah and Sam are a beautiful big hearted couple and they couldn’t share their big day at Fisher House without including their favourite dog. Makes sense really!


Kial & Dennis

Kial & Dennis and their 3 lovely daughters

Kial, Dennis & their 3 lovely daughters

Kial and Dennis’s Renewal of Vows

Okay so I wasn’t actually the celebrant for Kial and Dennis’s Renewal of Vows, as Kial’s Dad led the ceremony, but I was delighted to have the event here at my home – Casabella.
Kial had planned the event secretly as a surprise for Dennis, who thought he was coming to collect some chairs. What a fabulous surprise and a touching gesture for this special milestone that coincided with their wedding anniversary.

Congratulations to all the above beautiful couples and their whanau!

As my Mum would have said, ‘May the bluebird of happiness nest in your rafters’ (That’s a good thing)



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