Wedding Ceremony Music

With Christmas been and gone and the wedding season floodgates already opened, many of you may be thinking about what music to play during your Wedding Ceremony. 
Couples are often in a quandary about what music should be played during their ceremony.
There is no right or wrong choice. If you love it then it’s right.  Be it classical, pop, jazz or hip-hop, music helps set the tone of your big day.

Choose whatever music is right for you. If it’s really significant to you,  you may want to mention why during the ceremony.

Live music is AWESOME especially if it’s played/sung by a friend or family member.

Buy, hire or borrow the best sound system you can and ensure the person in charge is familiar with it. I.e. The volume and when to fade it in or out.

 Most people ask how many songs are needed for the ceremony. The answer is, ‘As many as you like’. But apart from background music that you may want to play before and after the ceremony, there are often 3 times when specific songs are played.

1. Entrance. 2. Signing 3. Conclusion/Recessional (that’s if you are walking back down the aisle)

1.Entrance song/s – You may want to practice the timing so you ‘arrive’ at the bit you want guests to hear. If you are going for a relaxed ceremony then just ‘go with the flow’ – after all, it’s not a military performance.

2. Signing  This can often take at least 5 mins, especially if you are being positioned and photographed. I suggest either 1 very long song, 2 songs, or repeat the 1st song.  (NB. You can decrease the time needed for signing by getting your witnesses to prefill in their addresses)

3. Conclusion This is usually something upbeat, cheerful or triumphant

Alternatives. Why not alert the guests the ceremony is about to start with some special music chosen especially by or for the Groom. It can be fun and reflect his cheeky personality. EG. At a recent wedding the groom came forward to his entry music of ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by Queen. Other grooms choices have been;‘Theme to Magnum PI’, ‘Highway to Hell’, AC/DC  and ‘Theme to the A team’ (as he and his Groomsmen made a formal entrance)

Maybe the words to your favourite song can be included as a reading.

If you are really keen, you can even have your guests dancing in the aisles or singing along. Check out this crazy entrance that is pretty unique and definately not for everyone!

What’s the most unusual entry music I’ve encountered I hear you ask? It has to be – Nirvana ‘Come as you are’ (especially the line…’No I don’t have a gun’) I’ve also had; ‘Who let the Dog’s out’ and  ‘No Leaf Clover’ by Metallica.
The most common entry song – must be Pachelbel’s Canon in D – Always a classic.

What was played at my wedding a zillion years ago? Barbara Streisand – ‘Evergreen’ and Procal Harum’s –‘Whiter Shade of Pale’.  They were both very in at the time and I still get a bit misty eyed when I hear them.

 You will probably always remember your wedding entry song – so my advice is just to follow your heart.

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