Spring has sprung – A great time for serious wedding planning!

It must be spring time as things are starting to pick up wedding wise. I’m getting lots of enquiries for summer weddings and Civil Unions. Once you have your date just give me a call. I’d love to talk about your special day with you and support you in getting the ceremony of your dreams.

I just love spring! After a rather cold soggy winter it is great to see the blossoms out and just as importantly …… lambs. I HAVE LAMBS. Cute as buttons, little black faced lambs. Okay so this may not be that exciting for you farming types out there, but for us city girls who are new to the country life, it is very exciting.

Peta with Spring lamb Peta with Spring lamb

Then, this morning I found this in the pool. Mumma Duck giving her 11 ducklings swimming lessons 

'Now I want you to try swimming right'

'Now kids, I want you to try swimming right'

Yes, my Kumeu home ‘Casabella’, is bursting with life and looking fabulous. If you are yet to find that perfect ceremony venue for the two of you (and up to 25 guests) just give me a call to book in a time for a wander – and possibly a cuddle with a lamb or two.

There are plenty of photos of Casabella on the ‘Private Venue’ page of this website.

I look forward to hearing from you.

xxx Peta

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