Every wedding is a royal wedding

So have you finally recovered from the royal wedding?  Were you one of the many who oohed and ahhed and picked up ideas on hats that should never be worn in public? Maybe you even bid on Princess B’s crazy hat!

Regardless of what you wear, you are bound to feel like a Princess and Prince on your big day, and so you should. Why would you want to copy someone else’s wedding anyway?

No two weddings should be the same. I say it often and I truly believe it

Forget the rules and what others think you should do… make the day your own

 Whether it is grand and formal, fun and romantic, funky and quirky, expensive or on a budget, outside, inside, in a garden on a beach, on a boat or by a goat, …. make the day your own

 It’s such a special day. You are marrying the one you love…make the day your own


Here are two different weddings that both had a royal feel.

Verity and Rob at the Auckland Zoo

Verity and Rob at the Auckland Zoo

Verity and Rob married at the Auckland Zoo. Living overseas and coming back for Verity’s sisters wedding was a great opportunity to arrange their own wedding in NZ with family and friends at short notice. Despite not having a lot of time to plan the big day, it was done beautifully.

The guests were captivated when as Verity and her Dad walked to where Rob was standing, he dropped to one knee and ‘officially’ proposed. (He said he just had never got round to doing it properly)

It’s not often you get a proposal on the same day as the wedding. There was a brief hush of anticipation before Verity replied ‘Yes, I’ll marry you’

Phew, that was a relief. The ceremony continued with lots of smiles and sunshine

Even the cheeky monkeys behaved and didn’t screech during the vows.

Darell and Dave married at their herald Island home amid friends and family on a fabulous sunny autumn day


Darell and Dave at their Herald Island home

Darell and Dave at their Herald Island home

Marrying later in life, there was a strong sense of family throughout the day. Dave’s wee granddaughter Scarlett aged 4, danced amongst the guests with a bell to tell them the ceremony was starting. Dave’s son Graham stood in support of his Dad during the ceremony. Darell’s daughter Naomi did a lovely reading and Dave’s older granddaughter Isabelle aged 8 proudly performed her duties as one of the witnesses. (yes children can be witnesses)

Darell, Dave and Grandaughter/ witness - Isabelle aged 8

Darell, Dave and Grandaughter/ witness - Isabelle aged 8

Their vows included the poignant words, ‘Thank you for making me laugh again. Bless you for taking my hand as we begin anew’ and ‘It is my intent that our life together include our large circle of friends and loving families. While we cherish the memories of our individual pasts, we will create new experiences and memories in our new life together’

Congratulations to both these lovely couples for choosing to make their ceremonies unique, personal and making the day their own.

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